If you are looking for dantzaris (basque dancers) for a wedding or a homage, this is your chance. This is what we offer:

1. Six dancers (three girls and three boys) and a txistulari take part.

Inside the church, there is the option of two boys dancing the ezpata-dantza. However, it must be agreed in advance with the priest or the person in charge of the townhall, since dancing is forbidden inside some churches and townhalls. Afterwards, on the way out of the church, the six dancers dance the Agurra, and, finally, the dancers make a passageway with their archs and swords for the bride and the groom and the guests, while the txistulari plays a kalejira.

Price: 350€

2. Two dancers (a girl and a boy) take part.

In the way out of the church, the two dancers dance the Agurra.

Price: 275€

3. One dancer (a girl or a boy) and a txistulari takes part in this.

On the way out of the church, the dancer dances the Agurra.

Price: 250€

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