Great part of the anecdotes of the group occurred during the period of the dictatorship. Example of it is the prohibition that received the group to carry out a trip to Prague in the years 1962 and 1963. Finally, one year after was achieved to carry out the trip. At the return of the trip thus counts in a letter written by the president of the group:

“In final, in San Sebastian, they have received us as to true winners since is an unpublished thing to do a trip to a socialist Country and frankly, GOIZALDI, has been the first Spanish Company that officially has visited your Country.”

During long years the group suffered the prohibitions and sancione of the administration. Two members of the directive in that epoch were imprisoned for behaving the captain of the group a lead stick with green, white, and red strips in an performance. In 1975 the Civil Governing of Gipuzkoa imposed a fine of 100.000 pesetas ( 601 € ) to the president of the group Jose Ignacio Montes Astigarraga by being denied to dance in an performance. The Civil Governing of the epoch writes thus in a letter on the September 22:

“View the accusation formulated in this Civil Government by the Police Station, City, they result of her the following facts: That, following the subversives organizations orders, the Group Goizaldi of which you are responsible for was denied to act the passed day 30 of August in the Plaza of the Trinity of this Capital. (…)”

A general amnesty freed of the fine to Montes Astigarraga December 12, 1975