First steps

February 2, 1948, Monday, began what at first was the group of the master Kandido Pujana, what later would be baptized like GOIZALDI. The first action of the group took place April 25, 1948.

The dancers that took part in the first performance were: Juan Jose Aranguren, Juan Mª. Montes, Antonio Ansola, Miguel Otegui, Antonio Fernandez Berridi, Juan Manuel Oronoz, Juan Jose Aramburu, Jose Luis Huesa, Pedro Mª. Martinez de Arbulo, Jose Ramon Torralba, Ignacio Gordejuela and Jesus Mª. Martinez

One year after, in 1949, the first foreign performance of the recently created group was produced. It went in the city of Pau (France) together with ‘Orfeón de los Buenos Amigos’ of Irun, in an agricultural fair.

In 1951, three years after their creation, the youths that danced to the orders of the master Pujana decided that the hour had arrived of putting name to the group. The proposal of Jose Ignacio Montes Astigarraga was accepted, the name of “GOIZALDI” (daybreak).

This year 1951 was important in the history of the group. In October the female group was created, in this way was prompted the activities of the group. As of that date the performances multiplied.

The first document that is conserved in which the name “GOIZALDI” is mentioned dates of 1953. May 3, that year, the minutes of the Board of directors relating to the performance that should be developed in Bilbo did reference to the following thing:

The Group, in case of contract, it will be appointed in the newpapers, radio, mural announcements, etc, with the following name: just as follows: THE BASQUE BALLETS of SAN SEBASTIAN “GOIZALDI”, disciples of the Master Pujana.